Work-Place Injury

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Case studies

A Dramatic Work-Place Injury, Mali

Mr ‘M’, is an electrical engineer working in Mali on a remote airbase in Mopti. He was pulling heavy electrical cables when he put his back out in such a severe way that he had instant neurological fall out and the initial assessment indicated that he needed surgery very quickly to prevent permanent damage or loss of sensation to his legs. Another assistance company advised medevac to Nairobi, Kenya, and subsequent surgery there for a total of 115 000 USD.

However, we were able to locate a specialist surgeon in Bamako, Mali, conduct due diligence into capability for this kind of surgery and proceed. The patient was operated on within 72 hours. The surgery was a success and Mr ‘M’ is back at work. Cost incurred were 11 000 USD. This meant a net saving of over 100K USD to the insurer and minimum disruption for the patient and his family.

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