Cost Containment in a South Sudan Clinic 

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Case studies

Successful Cost Containment in a South Sudan Clinic 

After various high expenses were incurred at a busy clinic in South Sudan, the team set out to do an audit of medical claims to ensure there were no ways of cutting down unnecessary costs.  


Several concerning trends were picked up including: 

  • High billing on primary care medication 
  • Prolonged use of intravenous medication where oral alternatives seemed sufficient  
  • Repeat performance of routine blood tests on stable cases 


After consultation with the clinic, all of these processes were improved. 

  • Cost-effective alternatives were found for primary care therapy. 
  • Blood tests were kept to a minimum – performed only where clinically indicated.  
  • Intravenous therapy was adjusted to critically ill cases only. Oral therapy was instituted preferentially when clinically efficacious. 


There is now an ongoing good working relationship with the clinic, combining effective therapy with a reasonable modus operandi of cost-containment.  

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