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Case studies

Every Trip, Every Time

Putting Safety First: A Proven Track Record 

Road accidents are a significant concern within our main areas of operation, with a rise in fatalities attributed to a lack of seatbelt usage. 

Our recent road safety campaign aimed to foster a positive culture of seatbelt use among staff and consultants – a simple yet vital safety measure, key to promoting road safety. 

  • Focus on Positive Reinforcement: Statistics and visuals highlighting the dangers of not wearing seatbelts were avoided. Instead, the campaign emphasised the benefits of seatbelt use, promoting a sense of security and responsibility. 
  • Informative Content: Educational messages were disseminated through various channels, including email signatures, social media platforms, blogs, and company inductions for new joiners. 
  • Engaging Staff Participation:  A key element of the campaign was fostering staff engagement. Staff were encouraged to share photos of themselves buckled up before their journeys, promoting a sense of community and responsibility. 

Campaign Implementation 

The campaign serves as a successful model for fostering a cultural shift using positive reinforcement and staff engagement. The tagline, “Every Trip, Every Time,” served as a constant reminder of the importance of buckling up. 

Staff members buckling up Every Trip, Every Time.

Campaign Results 

The “Every Trip, Every Time” campaign proved to be a resounding success: 

  • Measurable Reach: The campaign garnered a combined 46,496 impressions across three platforms over three months, demonstrating significant reach among the target audience. 
  • High Engagement: The campaign fostered active participation, with 26 staff members directly participating and many more engaging through social media shares and reposts. 
  • Positive Culture Shift: Encouragingly, staff continued to share photos of themselves wearing seatbelts even after the formal campaign concluded, indicating a lasting positive shift in workplace culture. 
  • Effective Communication: The informative content proved successful, with a high open rate (48%) for campaign emails and impressive blog viewership (1107 views and 6501 impressions). 

The “Every Trip, Every Time” campaign serves as a successful model for promoting road safety through positive reinforcement and staff engagement. By moving away from fear-based tactics and focusing on the benefits of seatbelt use, the campaign achieved significant results in raising awareness and fostering a cultural shift towards responsible road behaviour. 

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