Medical assistance & response

Medical assistance
& response

You always have someone on the end of the line

Our 24/7 Global Response centre assist with all medical issues from minor injuries or illnesses through to life-threatening situations. Through local teams, endorsed networks, and in-house medical experts, clients gain instant access to essential support.

24/7 Global
Response Centre

In-house Medical

Extensive Medical


What can you expect from our Medical Assistance?

Through our Global Response Centre and our network of medical professionals, our medical top cover ensures high-level medical support. We go above and beyond standard assistance, catering to the unique challenges of the fragile and conflict-affected regions we operate in.

First Point of Contact

Regardless of whether a situation is life-threatening or not, our clients have an expert responder on call to give you the guidance you need.

In-House Medical Expertise 24/7

Our medical professionals are available to provide immediate advice in critical medical situations.

By Your Side Throughout The Process

The team oversees comprehensive medical assessments to ensure the best possible care is provided. Further assistance examples include: liaising with in-country medical specialists, reviewing of reports and interpretation of medical diagnostics, handling out-patient appointments and in-patient hospital admissions.

Specialist Consultations

Facilitating consultations with specialised medical professionals and multi-disciplinary teams, we collaborate with a range of medical experts to ensure you are receiving the best care possible for complex medical scenarios.

Continued Monitoring

Ongoing medical monitoring and follow-up care, even after the initial intervention. We ensure all stakeholders are kept informed and the patient fully supported throughout the process of any medical event.

Medical Evacuation

Guided by medical and in-country experts, the patient’s condition and location restraints are swiftly, yet carefully, considered for the best ground or air evacuation solution. We provide the medical expertise and operational excellence to ensure medical evacuations proceed safely and efficiently.

Further Support

Need to Know

Global Response Centre responders also support Assist360 clients with basic enquiries regarding their policy, for instance.


We assist clients to get back to their place of origin or residence when circumstances make travel challenging. This includes the repatriation of mortal remains (RMR).


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Medical assistance & response

Our Robust Medical Network

At Assist360, we’ve curated an extensive network of local medical providers in conflict, fragile, and complex regions. Our commitment is to ensuring our clients have access to the best care possible, wherever they are.

Strengthening communities, one partnership at a time.

We partner with accredited local medical providers, seamlessly integrating local knowledge with global standards. Our thorough accreditation process covers hygiene, training, qualifications, and equipment standards of medical professionals.

Powering care, even when the lights go out.

We understand the importance of consistent power and sanitation. Our partner clinics are equipped with reliable infrastructure, enabling uninterrupted medical services that our clients can count on, no matter the situation.