Medical claims

An effective medical claim begins with the correct assessment of the situation

Medical claims, particularly as a result of incidents in high-risk areas or regions with limited medical infrastructure, can be complex and open to corrupt or unethical activity. At Assist360, this is mitigated when both the patient and the insurer are carefully considered.

In a space where rising medical costs and consumer demands have become more exacting, you will find that Assist360’s approach from the first call to the final medical claim is practical, professional and equitable.

Patient confidentiality is upheld using a secure data management software
Our secure data platform is a safe way for uploading, processing, and assessing claims
Clients can safely use our secure platform to track spend, historical claims, and medical reports
Insightful reporting is pulled by our team which helps clients mitigate risk and track trends
Assist360 eliminates tampering and fraud by using standardised processes for clients’ peace of mind