Travel risk management

Travel risk

We prepare like lives depend on it

Assist360’s travel risk management approach starts with preparation. Anticipated responses for every eventuality are carefully considered. This can include situations like civil unrest, terrorism, natural disasters and more.

A considered approach to keeping our clients safe

Whether it’s political repatriation or handling kidnap and ransom scenarios, Assist360, supported by the Chelsea Group, possesses the resources to maximise the chances of a safe and successful outcome.

Supporting our client’s Duty of Care to their staff in high risk areas
Enabling the traveller’s 24/7 access to our Global Response Centre
Thoroughly preparing every traveller
Leveraging our local knowledge to brief clients
An up-to-the-minute crisis management plan
SafeTracking of the traveller in high-risk areas

Always connected

Through our app, clients keep connected to real-time updates, proactive alerts and our Global Response Centre – ensuring you are well-equipped to make informed decisions.

Journey Management with SafeTrip means all trips are reviewed, logged and monitored.
Clients are tracked (SafeTrack) while in high-risk areas so that their teams have knowledge of their location at all times.
Targeted security alerts, regarding location security, continuously update our clients in real time.
A panic alarm functionality provides clients with instant access to the 24/7 Global Response Centre.
Peace of mind that you have a team of medical and security professionals in your pocket.



Panic Alarm

Security Alerts