About us

At home in
high-risk areas

The complexities of living and working in fragile environments can be intimidating, but for Assist360 operating successfully in harsh, and often remote, locations is embedded in our DNA.

The company emerged out of 20+ years of experience taking on the duty of care of tens of thousands of international and local staff including humanitarian and development consultants across Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. We have an extensive track record of successful incident management in these regions; it’s why you can trust that we will always find the right solution.

We have a deep understanding of the places where we work.

Thanks to this heritage, Assist360 has extensive grass-root networks and knowledge of the systems, cultures and geographies in which we work. Our local understanding is our super power: we are comfortable with the on-the-ground challenges and know how to overcome them.

We are local employers who are proud to be deeply connected with the communities in which we operate. When time is of the essence, and the correct response is critical, our on-the-ground teams offer key insights into unique situations; this ensures that we make the best possible decision.

What’s in a name?

Our brand name represents our holistic approach to assistance.

Assist360 offers both medical and security assistance in-house. Our name illustrates our commitment to a full 360° solution. Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean that we are off-duty for five days of the year; we are in fact on call 365 days of the year, 24/7. Call us anytime.

Our Leadership & Assistance team

A global response centre with in-house medical experts

From our responders to our medical experts and leadership, our team hold qualifications and years of experience to match their dedication. With a deep understanding of complex and remote environments, they provide care that’s both competent and compassionate.

James Veysey

Chief Executive Officer

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James has 20+ years’ experience of running teams in regions across Africa, Middle East and Central Asia and has spent extensive amounts of time in multiple countries affected by conflict.

James’ career path has seen him run the operations for a renowned remote-site medical company, act as HR Director on a large British security firm operating in high-risk areas, and in his current position with CTG he runs the operations that support and manage 10,000+ humanitarians based around the world. A linguist with a Masters in International Relations, James believes that every company has the capacity to make a difference and leave a positive impact on people’s lives; he lives and breathes the attitude that there is always a solution to be found to any problem.

Dr Sean Gottschalk

Chief Medical Officer

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Dr Sean Gottschalk is an Emergency Medicine Specialist and Assist360 Chief Medical Officer.

Dr Gottschalk has extensive experience working with extreme athletes as well as global expeditions with ice swimmers in the Himalayas, Andes, and Antarctica. His vast clinical and remote location experience ensures we deliver evidence-based, best practice medical assistance and emergency response to our members.

Rob Simmons

Chief Operating Officer

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Rob is Assist360’s Chief Operating Officer. Rob’s background is in Operations and Risk Management.

He is equipped with extensive knowledge of the challenges faced when running operations in conflict-affected or insecure regions where infrastructure is limited and the risk is high. Rob spent 12 years in the British Army and has a Masters in Post-war Recovery studies. After his military career Rob worked on resilience-building projects as well as mine-clearing programmes that focus on rehabilitation for communities.

Dr Francesca Harper

Senior Medical Doctor

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Dr Francesca Harper is Assist360 Senior Medical Doctor.

Francesca has a background in emergency and general medicine. She advises and provides best practice management of all medical cases as well as building Assist360’s global medical network.

Izzia Tangamu

Account Manager

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Izzia Tangamu is an accomplished Assist360 Operator.

Izzia is a bi-lingual French and English speaker whose calm competency means our clients are always in good hands.

Our Advisory Commitee

Richard Westbury (MBE)

Chairman of Chelsea Group

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After a distinguished military career, Richard Westbury started laying the foundations to become a pioneer in the security industry.

When Richard started the risk management company Hart, in 1999, he wanted to provide solutions across land, sea and air, but he believed that he was laying foundations for something broader. More than decades later, Hart is one of the companies within the Chelsea Group, a wide-reaching group of companies that offers a broad and innovative portfolio, including recruitment and HR to humanitarian agencies, aviation security across South America and crisis response on a global scale.

Maldwyn Worsley-Tonks

MD of SE24

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Maldwyn is experienced in transforming and running successful businesses, having done so in 1997 where he lead a company on the verge of failure, into a viable, growing business which he then ran for 20 years. He came into the fold of SE24 (then known as Security Exchange) in 2019 where he served as Director of Strategic Operations.

SE24 are specialists in crisis management and response, delivering their services primarily to the insurance market. In early 2023 he was promoted to Managing Director of SE24, selected to steer the company through a period of expansion. Maldwyn has a strong reputation for operational expertise and skilled relationship building. The foundations of his career are within the military where he was Commanding Officer at Parachute Regimen from 1975-1995.

Alice Laugher


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With CTG standing for Committed to Good, Alice has made it her mission to support the sustainable development goals in conflict-affected countries, with a specific focus on SDG5, gender equality.

A recipient of the Oslo Business for Peace Award and nominated by the United Nations Global Compact as an “SDG Pioneer for the Empowerment of Women in Conflict Settings”, Alice has successfully achieved her first target of 30% female representation in the consultants hired by CTG in humanitarian roles. In her role as CEO, she has grown CTG from a small company with operations in Afghanistan, to supporting major humanitarian and development organisations through staffing solutions and people management across 25 conflict-affected countries.

Alexander Bethell

COO of Chelsea Group

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Passionate about enabling businesses to thrive, no matter how challenging the environment, Alexander held the position of Senior Vice President at CTG before taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer of the Chelsea Group of companies.

During his time at CTG, Alexander led the development operations in Somalia – which became the company’s largest operational hub at the time. He then went on to solidify CTG’s presence in Africa, leading its expansion into new territories. He was also responsible for key special  projects including the company’s disaster response to the Ebola crisis in 2015.

Ben Coleridge Cole

CFO of Chelsea Group

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Ben is a seasoned finance executive with 13 years of experience in finance and accounting across diverse sectors, having worked for the likes of PwC, Deloitte as well as taking on a Director role at a UK health and wellbeing tech start-up.

His expertise lies in developing and leading teams across multiple projects and countries. Throughout his career, Ben has demonstrated unwavering dedication to fostering the growth and success of his colleagues, actively supporting their development and enabling them to reach their full potential.

Where we operate

Our recipe for success? Global medical expertise and local teams equipped with local knowledge.

20+ years of operating in complex, fragile or conflict-affected regions has resulted in a tapestry of connections, networks and local teams with local understandings.

Assist360 operates across Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia as well as Latin America. See some samples of what we do on the map below.

From medical assistance to travel risk management, with a strong human logistics capability, Assist360 is a holistic assistance provider you can trust.